The Super Bowl is a blank slate.

Or it was until now.

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Monte Dutton

I’ve been preparing for the big game by watching the commentary of William Powell, Judy Holliday, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall and Walter Brennan.

Did you know a dead bee can sting you just as much as a live one?

Channel 4 – and, I’m guessing the entire NBC family -- is so committed to the Olympics and Super Bowl that I’m not expecting local news again until about Wednesday.

Unless it snows, of course.

Maybe there will be peace and harmony as everyone watches with rapt attention huge men colliding with one another. Heartwarming is what that is.

I suppose I’m rooting for the Bengals. I’ve gotten all nostalgic about Sam Wyche and Stanford Jennings. If the Rams win, I’m not going to do anything drastic like convert to the Nation of Islam or order hash browns for breakfast. Like many of you, I love both the baby Jesus and grits.

I think SoFi Stadium was originally designed for the television series Lost in Space.

Driving home from Furman on Saturday, I heard guys on the radio talking about the merits of playing the Super Bowl in London. Three of the four concluded that it needed to be in London because they want to go there. This is what we’ve become.

I’m not going to debate the merits of Who Dey Nation in Cincinnati and Who Dat Nation in New Orleans, but the 1st time I heard that cheer was from Fort Johnson High School in Charleston in 1973. I didn’t like it, either.

Joe Burrow is Steve McQueen as a quarterback.

Play ball!


Clinton native Monte Dutton is Furman-educated and has been a sportswriter for most of four decade. At DHK Sports LLC and its three website, Monte is committed to filling the void in local sports coverage created by the decline of other media.